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The Shreveport Chapter of the Association of Black Social Workers, stands against any form of violence towards our defenseless and unarmed brothers and sisters. We mourn our slain Brothers Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, and weep for our murdered Sister Breonna Taylor. The chapter lends its support to these families as they seek justice for the lives of their loved ones. We as a chapter fully understand what happened to Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia is reflective of active violence within our country, against our people, daily. The numerous unjustified killings with low convictions of the murderers are disgusting, appalling, and the definition of systemic racism in its purest form. While we are pleased to hear of the arrest of corrupt police officers and low moral civilians, we know we are facing a long road ahead to gain due process with a justified and appropriate conviction. This experience is not new to the Black community. We seek an unbiased legal process of the accused with a conviction fitting of the crime of murder. This is the only way to bring justice to the lives of our brothers and sisters Ahmaud and Breonna and George.

None of these actions will restore the lives of Ahmaud, Breonna, George or the others who were murdered. We send blessings and peace to the families. We pledge to say their names in remembrance of their life. The Shreveport Chapter Association of Black Social Workers pledge to support these families and other community agencies who are fighting to eradicate hate and injustice in our state and nation.

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