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NABSW Gives People


  • NABSW gives people of Black African ancestry a point of pride that an organization can exist independently


  • NABSW provides the opportunity for a national forum to address local issues

  • NABSW provides training and consultation that relates to the wishes and aspirations of African people


  • NABSW provides interdependence in the African sense of the word rather than independence in the European sense of the word (we have a constitution)


  • NABSW provides scholarships (on a national level and encourages scholarship development on a local level)


  • NABSW provides the opportunity for group to group interaction on a regional basis for training, highlighting the best practices in Black Social Work


  • NABSW offers the oasis needed by African people to rethink, to nourish, to grow (as leaders and followers) and to renew our spirits for the insane battles we fight daily with folks who do not look like us and some who do


  • Finally, NABSW is the last great hope in the social work community to re-establish African people to our rightful place with humanity by restoring the rule of MAAT to ourselves and the world

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